The CAI Company are a team of highly skilled specialists that provide Conversational AI Strategy, Design and Build expertise to companies deploying Conversational AI projects.

We combine our Business Strategy, Computational Linguistic, Conversational Design, Data Science, Machine Learning, and UX skills to drive exceptional business outcomes from automated Conversational applications.  Based on decades of successful Conversational AI project experiences, we believe the art to delivering meaningful results is the unrelenting focus on business objectives combined with the creation of exceptional user experiences with intelligent automated dialogues.

Our Team

Our experienced team lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Conversational AI. We recognise there is a critical shortage of computational linguistic expertise to humanise technical deployments and ensure automated conversations really add value for both the user and business and are more awesome than traditional channels. Projects fail because they simply do not have this vital expertise. The CAI Company addresses this gap in the market and provides direct access to an experienced team of business minded computational linguists and conversational AI consultants who are experts in this field.

If you’re interested in joining our team of Conversational AI professionals, take a look at our careers page.


Darren Ford


Dr. Alice Kerly


Darren Ford

Darren Ford is Founder and Director at The CAI Company that helps enterprises deploy exceptional Conversational AI solutions.  Darren began his career at Oracle and ever since worked with global enterprises delivering customer experience solutions.

Prior to The CAI Company he spent 5 years as Vice President of Global Services at Artificial Solutions, working in a range of verticals providing strategic advice, program management and multi-discipline team leadership for building advanced Conversational AI applications.  This included customer service virtual assistants, Home Automation assistants, fast food drive-through automation and intelligent IVR solutions.

Darren is passionate about the need of a coherent business case  – if you can’t articulate what you want to achieve, don’t start!.  He builds longstanding relationships based on trust, experience, equality, and is motivated by sharing success with others – particularly when combined with good food and a little live music.


Dr. Alice Kerly

Alice Kerly has been operating in the exciting world of conversational AI for more than 15 years. Co-founder and Principal Consultant with The CAI Company she is an experienced consultant, mentor and trainer, delighted by the diverse challenge of combining cutting edge technologies with human language and psychology. Leading the architecture and development of CAI solutions she has worked with clients in domains including IT, online gambling, virtual agents and customer service to enable them to communicate with their clients across channels including Facebook Messenger, intelligent IVR, mobile apps, and web assistants.

Alice is equally comfortable in consulting, research and development and technical implementation roles, and holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Education (using chatbot in intelligent tutoring systems). When not enjoying all things sci-tech and geekery, you’ll likely find her up a mountain, in a sea kayak, or perhaps cosied up by the fire with a good book!


The CAI Company has decades of direct, hands-on experience working on conversational AI projects for many household names across a variety of sectors, including AT&T, Shell, Hello Fresh and more. We encourage direct and transparent customer relationships, make work fun, and relish in delighted customer feedback.

We work with:

  • Companies that are starting a new project, or revitalising a solution already built that has previous poor results.

  • Companies looking to build and coach a CAI team and needing support in their first projects.

  • Companies struggling to find experienced CAI professionals and needing some expert help to get things started.

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